Meet John

I’m nearly at the end of my second 12 week program with Ben and have found working with him immensely beneficial.

Ben has helped me with exercise programs, correct form, building my strength and my confidence and put me on the right track with my nutrition – probably the most difficult thing of all.


Meet Suzanne

A year ago today I turned a corner. I joined Peak Performance. I am now a few stone lighter and minus a lot of inches, with a better state of mind, good eating habits and achievable goals for the next year all supported by a severe case of gym induced Tourette’s.

Still a long way to go but I am getting there after 20 years of neglect and 2 kids and all without slimming world or weight watchers (but lots of gin and prosecco).

In total I've lost 19lbs in weight and 16 1/2 inches from my body!


Meet Richard

I found the 12 week plan was ideal for my weight loss and fitness goals. Bens knowledge, enthusiasm and encouragement meant that I was as keen at the last session as I was at the first.


Meet Kelly

I feel fitter, healthier, more knowledgable and both emotionally and physically stronger. Ben has taught me a great deal about nutrition and although it is not always easy to stick to, I know how to fuel my body correctly to ensure I get the best results and make the most of my workouts.In my first 12 weeks I lost 9 inches around my body and in 18 months since I started my workout journey I have lost over 3 stone. I can’t recommend Ben enough!.