We currently live in a ‘I want it now’ society

In Blog by Ben Shills

I want it now generation

We currently live in a world where if we want something fast there’s an option available to us.

Food is the most convenient that springs to mind. Fast food outlets are dotted everywhere and we now even have the option for drive thrus for our coffee. And if drive thrus weren’t t convenient enough we now have companies such as deliveroo that will pick up our food to.

‘I think the want it now’ approach can be applied to the majority of things in our lives.

Want a new car? Stick it on finance. Holiday? Credit card ?.

The sad thing with this lifestyle and approach is that we assume it can be applied to our health and fitness. Diet fads, short term approaches to workout plans, nothing sustainable past a 12 week period. Health and fitness should be a lifestyle not a fad, it should be embraced. There are no shortcuts! You can’t cut corners when it comes to this. 

I’m not necessarily saying that technology and all these new means of service should not be explored. However, we mustn’t become to reliant on them.

When it comes to your health and fitness, apply yourself. The road can be long and winding but it WILL be worth it.