Consistency is key

In Blog by Ben Shills

How often do you find yourself bouncing from programme to programme trying to find the ‘perfect plan?’ Usually discovering that you aren’t any closer to that ideal body. If you have decided to follow a plan thats set over 12 weeks (A standard length programme) then follow it for 12 weeks!! 

You need to give it a chance. Whether you are looking to increase strength, improve your aerobic capacity or are just beginning your fitness journey, programmes are so important. From my experience working with a variety of clients, I have found the common factor to be that they lacked focus and direction towards a goal. A plan gives us structure. Structure gives us direction.

Top reasons to stick to a programme.

  • Consistency – It allows you to be consistent with several exercises in the gym. If you are consistently changing exercises each session or changing your rep range how do you know if you are improving that particular exercise?
  • Teaches you to be Patient – Yes it will be a hard slog, but nothing that comes easy is worth having/nothing that is worth having comes easy.

The best programme is the one you stick too!