Don’t let age define us

In Blog by Ben Shills

Age is just a number. How true is this? How many of you reading this use your age as a reason for not doing something. It’s a topic which has got me thinking over the last few weeks. Too many times we are limiting ourselves based on our age, statements such as ‘I’m far too old to try that.’ Or ‘He’s too young, he won’t know what he’s doing.’

Younger people are seen as less experienced, less knowledgeable and we limit ourselves. We are all guilty of it. From a young age I’ve always wanted to be my own boss. It seemed cool. In charge of my own hours, working what i want when I want. It’s now a reality and honestly it was the biggest step I’ve ever taken. I knew absolutely nothing about running a business or cash flow or profit margins. It scared the hell out of me!! To me businesses were run by seasoned middle age men who had experienced life with stories to tell. I was doubting myself due to my age.2 years or so down the line, I’m slowly getting there. It’s still tough but I’m learning everyday and it’s definitely been worth it. 

I see the age limitation issue in the Fitness industry also. It seems the older we get the more we believe we can’t get fit! You end up sticking to what you know; the treadmill, the occasional class etc. You are capable of so much more. The one mindset I instil on all my clients is that ‘ I will train you to your goals.’ Not your gender or age. They don’t define you. 

We are all capable of whatever we want to. It helps to believe first.